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Since the emergence of cloud computing, it is much easier for an internet user to store and share information online. As such, you can now transmit and disseminate data over the internet without the need for any external storage devices. Data sharing is made possible by using file hosting portals such as You can easily import and extract files from the cloud platform whenever you want.

Overview is an online file cloud platform that makes it possible to create, share, store, and monitor data from any gadget. The site is famous for having a quick, secure, and easy-to-use interface. 

Security Features boasts itself as a superb file hosting platform with dependable and secure file hosting. The site has many security measures to protect the dignity of information stored on its servers and safeguard members from fraudsters.

It offers the following improved security features:

#1 SSL Certificate Protection

The web application has an SSL certificate, which indicates that internet protocol encryption, is used to secure data transfer between your search engine and data centers. Furthermore, all payments are encrypted using an encryption mechanism, and the company’s online transaction provider is PCI DDS L1-accredited.

#2 Selective Link Sharing ensures that other users cannot discover your documents unless you share a link with them. The link goes a long way toward safeguarding your documents against security breaches and misuse.

#3 Data Encryption

All files and data uploaded to the site are encoded to ensure that only the uploader or their authorized viewers have access to it, even if there is a breach. As such, you can limit who can see or retrieve your shared files.

#4 Remote Data Backup helps you avoid potential disruptions due to a computer crash and malware. It backs up your files to a proxy system, allowing you to access them even when the cloud is down.

#5 Comprehensive FAQ Section

The team understands that you could have pressing questions about the safety of your online data. Therefore, it has a detailed FAQ page to answer most of your questions. In case of a software glitch, you can contact the support team directly or by email to prevent data loss.

#6 Password Protection understands that you may prefer to share confidential data with a small group of users. As a result, you can add a password to all shared links to improve data security.

 Only users who have the password can access the online link you share. It also means that no one will access the folders unless they remember your password.

#7 Secure Payment Options has various payment methods, making it easy to conduct your transactions anywhere. But with online payment transactions, information security is an essential aspect that requires careful consideration. A secure encryption system ensures every information on your payment cards remains discrete and out of reach of other users.

Additionally, the high quality of payment systems ensures top-notch safety since you can maintain an anonymous profile. This means you can make financial transactions without worrying about data leakages.

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