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No doubt, technology nowadays keeps on improving to the point that you don’t have to carry any form of physically written content or media in a physical drive as you go to your destination. All you have to do is get online and upload them to a third party website. Rest assured that your data will be kept safe, secured, easily manageable, and sharable. is one of the best third party websites that you can try. Although the name would make you think otherwise, rest assured that you’ll be trusting your data in good hands. We can say that with FileJoker premium key, it’s the quality that matters, and not the name.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by using a FileJoker account

Simplicity of Service

FileJoker is best known for the simplicity of the service being offered that goes hand in hand with the quality it provides– usually better than what the competitors offer. Truth be told, most file hosting services only offer a limited storage file capacity, especially for free users, and sometimes, even to the registered users as well. Those who want to increase their storage limit, together with quick downloads that come with a premium bandwidth should ask for an upgrade of a premium subscription provider.

Maximum Download Speed

With a FileJoker Premium account, you can enjoy maximum download speed, as well as unlimited simultaneous downloads that a lot of provider doesn’t even offer at all.

Download Files of Any Size allows their users to download files of any size in their premium servers. No need to worry if you’ll be able to download the file or not, rest assured that will let you. As a data uploader, you’ll be able to enjoy around 5000GB or 5TB of space to store important data and manage them with ease with premium tools of the company.

Safeguards Your Files

The company behind gives the assurance that their users will be safeguarded against illegal encryption of data. Thus, no need to worry about any security issues at all during the transmission of data from the PC, and into the servers. Furthermore, unlike most file hosting services that enable captcha to their users’ downloads, doesn’t do this– they know that the users don’t want to experience any forms of delays when it comes to getting their files.

Uses Various Download Managers uses differed download managers, such as Internet Download, Manage, Free Download Manager, and the like to download their files, and the difference is that, the download software is fully supported by their program, giving the assurance that the user won’t encounter any issues during file download.

Say Goodbye to Internet Disconnection

Let’s be honest with ourselves; there are a lot of times that we suffer from Internet disconnection, random lags, and others serve issues, which leads to the files being downloaded to get canceled. With a FileJoker Premium account, you don’t have to worry about any of these, because there’s always a solution to solve this kind of problem. In an event where your download gets canceled, or if you’re thinking of pausing the download for a certain period of time, but want to retrieve it back as soon as you can, FileJoker download will let you do just that.

Is It Easy to Become a Premium Member?

Becoming a Premium Account holder in is no rocket science at all. All you have to do is to purchase a Premium account right after updating your free existing account, and this can be done by following the easy links to your site.

Premium Account Payments

Although can be used for free by simply registering for a free account, it’s still ideal to opt for a Premium account, especially for those who want to have a lot more options on what they’re allowed to do with their data, and how much they can process in the least amount of time. Likewise, premium account users can also enjoy a number of benefits, such as blazing fast upload, large storage space, and access to various tools that you can think of.

You can find more about the provider, their values ​​and mission at this: Link and Info on and

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