Katfile – Premium Account

You probably have many photos or videos that document your most valued events in life. But isn’t it great if you knew they were safe and accessible whenever you wanted them?

A storage device such as your phone or flash disk can provide an easy way out, but not always. You’ll likely lose your files if the device fails or gets lost.

Cloud platforms, therefore, have an alternative storage point for all files. You can keep and manage your files without unexpected inconveniences such as a malfunction on your mobile handset.

One reliable cloud portal is Katfile.com, which offers unlimited storage space and downloads with a click. Once you access the platform and register your information, you only require internet connectivity to manage or share documents with others.

What Is Katfile.com?

It is an internet-backed platform for keeping, managing, and sharing files. The site provides relevant tools for novice and expert users to upload, make changes, store, and disseminate selected files. These include pictures, videos, documents, and other forms of cloud content.

Katfile Premium: Benefits of a Premium Account

katfile premium benefits

Katfile enables you to sign up for a Katfile premium or basic account. Like other cloud storage ports, the basic package comes free. It, however, has limitations, including slow download speeds and restricted storage space.

It is advisable to update your plan to the paid option to enjoy the full benefits of the platform.

Here’s what you will get from the premium offers:

Download Your Files Speedily

katfile premium speed

A premium account lets you download your files at a breakneck speed, reducing the time you spend on the platform. Katfile.com guarantees you up to 1000 Mbps of speed for all downloads as a premium subscriber.

Download Multiple Threads

It is possible to download a batch of files at once with the premium account. Not only that, but there’s also no restriction to the number of concurrent downloads you can execute in a session.

Download By a Click

A premium package puts you on top of unnecessary delays within your download sessions. Everything sets off immediately when you click on the mouse on your device. You won’t bear the basic program’s lapse periods, which sometimes exceed thirty seconds.

No Captcha Before Downloads

Have you ever had to fill in characters and codes to access cloud-stored files? Well, this is a standard procedure and happens as a login protocol in the basic version. However, a paid account doesn’t come with barriers that may limit easy access to your documents.

Enjoy Lifetime Storage

Once you store your files on Katfile.com, you wouldn’t want to transfer to a different platform, especially if you mind file safety. If that is your wish, the premium option grants it. Unlike free package members, who have a time-out for their storage portal, you will enjoy unlimited lifetime storage on the premium servers.

Secure Your Files

Users consider cloud-backed storage systems necessary for data security. As a user of the paid package, you wouldn’t want unauthorized users to access your files. A premium subscription on Katfile.com, therefore, protects data privacy and safety. It has a robust encryption system that controls data access across the platform.

50 GB Upload Bandwidth

Sometimes, you’ll need to upload huge files such as videos. These files require extra bandwidth to accommodate their size on the platform. By signing up for a premium package, Katfile gives you up to 50 GB of bandwidth.

As a result, you won’t have to trim some content to create extra space for your uploads. This feature is unavailable for basic subscribers, who can only download and upload up to 2 GB of data files.

Katfile Premium Review: How Much Will You Pay?

Katfile has pocket-friendly prices for its premium users. You’ll get unlimited paid benefits for as low as $0.10 per day. The cloud portal also accepts different payment modes, such as debit cards, E-money, or cryptocurrencies.

Below is a breakdown of the premium offers:

One Month Premium

For a month, enjoy Katfile premium at the cost of $0.63 each day or a one-off $18.99 monthly payment.

Three Months Premium

You can sign up or update your free version to a three-month package. It costs $52.99 for the three months, or $0.58 if you opt for a daily payment mode.

One Year Premium

A One Year Premium plan is available for $119.95 if you pay upfront. Alternatively, if you want a more flexible plan, you can pay $0.32 daily for the same package.

Lifetime Premium

If you have lots of files you wish to store, download, or disseminate, you need a more extended plan that covers the whole year. At only $439.99, you’ll enjoy all the perks offered by Katfile.com.

Luckily, you won’t pay everything upfront for the annual package. You can conveniently pay $0.01 each day and enjoy your perks for the same plan.

Katfile Premium Review: Final Thoughts

Katfile, no doubt, offers the best deal for cloud-backed storage of files. First, signing up on the platform is pretty easy.

Once you set up an account, upgrade to the premium offer that brings an array of benefits. You can enjoy unlimited speeds, sufficient storage space, and lifetime backup for all files. You can also run different download threads simultaneously without worrying about any hiccups.

Finally, the premium option offers you reliable storage using encryption protocols that ensure all your data is only accessible to you.

Considering the multiple benefits of the premium account, it is worth the price.

Turbobit – Premium Account 2022

Ever since the inception of cloud storage platforms, it has become easier and convenient for individuals and business entities to store, manage, and access their files in remote servers, online.

What’s more, is that these cloud platforms are extremely secure. Essentially, you do not have to worry about integrity issues or data breaches. The only dilemma you have to face is choosing the right file hosting platform for your needs, given that they are too many.

Nevertheless, one notable file hosting platform that you should consider is Turbobit.net. This review highlights how it works and why you should opt for a Turbobit premium account.

What is Turbobit?

Turbobit is simply a website that offers you a secure platform to upload, download, manage, and share your files. In addition to storing and sharing your files, you can also download files from other users using the links shared on the website.

Like most file hosting platforms, joining this website is free. However, free account holders can only access limited services. These restrictions can be extremely inconvenient, especially if you are dealing with large, heavy files frequently. Considering this, you should upgrade to a Turbobit premium account to access extra services.

Background Information

Turbobit has its headquarters in the United States. Moreover, the company has been in business for over 10 years, with no signs of closing shop. The fact that it has been active for so long only confirms that Turbobit is a reliable company worth checking out.

User Interface

Turbobit has an amazing web design. The website has a professional look, which further enhances the credibility of this platform.

One remarkable element about the Turbobit website is that it has a user-friendly interface. In fact, you do not need any professional computer skills to use this site. Moreover, you can upload files to this platform without even registering. However, guest users are limited to slower upload and download speeds, hence it is imperative to sign up to a free or a Turbobit premium account to enjoy faster speeds.

Another notable feature is that the website is easily navigable, given that all the menu options are well arranged. This makes it easier for users to browse available options and upload or download files seamlessly.

What’s more is that the site is available in multiple languages, including English, Deutsch, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Japanese. The availability of these languages makes it easy for anyone to operate the website in a dialect that they can understand.

Getting Started with Turbobit

Signing up with Turbobit is free. You do not have to pay a dime to become a registered user. You only need to provide your email address and create a password. You also need to check the reCAPTCHA box to confirm that you are not a bot.

Nevertheless, even though Turbobit is free to join, you can only access very few services. With this in mind, it is prudent that you upgrade to Turbobit premium to access unlimited features.

How Turbobit Works

Turbobit works just like any other file hosting platform. The platform allows you to upload, manage, and store your files in Turbobit data centers located in various locations around the world. In addition, you may access your files from anywhere using an internet-enabled device such as a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Like most cloud storage platforms, Turbobit offers its members three different ways to upload files and documents. These include:

Browser upload

True to its name, browser upload is an option that allows you to transfer files directly using your browser. All you have to do is to drag and drop your files in the space provided or choose the files you want to upload from your PC by click on the “select file” button. Conspicuously, you do not have to be a registered Turbobit user to utilize this option. Moreover, it is the easiest way of downloading small files and documents.

FTP upload

Unlike browser upload, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) upload is only available to registered members. Moreover, it is rather complicated given that it requires you to have some knowledge in computing to upload files.

To use this method, you have to install a special program known as an FTP client on your computer and select an FTP server where you will store your files. The server you choose should preferably be the one with the lowest load to allow you to transfer files effortlessly. As complex as this option may seem, FTP upload is the fastest and ideal for uploading heavy files.

URL upload

URL upload or remote upload is another method that allows you to upload your files and documents using a remote computer apart from the localhost. In essence, you have to create a link to the precise location of your file from a remote computer. URL upload is ideal in case your internet connection is very slow.

Is Turbobit safe?

In terms of security, Turbobit is one of the safest file hosting platforms available today. The platform employs some of the latest security mechanisms, including SSL encryption to ensure that your files and documents are safe from hackers.

Members are also encouraged to take safety precautions like using strong passwords and changing credentials regularly, to secure their accounts.

Moreover, it is essential to note that Turbobit are very strict when it comes to uploading certain types of files. Essentially, you cannot upload any file that portrays violence, nudity, and hate speech content.

Turbobit Free Account

As mentioned before, Turbobit is free to join. However, like any other free subscription, non-paying members have to settle for limited services. Some of the restriction you are likely to face include:

  • Slow download speeds
  • Insufficient storage space
  • No parallel downloads
  • Annoying advertisements

In addition, you have to wait for 20 seconds before you can initiate any downloads. As if that is not enough, this membership plan does not support download resume meaning that you may have to restart the process all over again in case you have connection problems or broken links.

Considering all these shortcomings, it is only sensible that you upgrade your membership to Turbobit premium.

Turbobit Premium Benefits

turbobit premium benefits

Turbobit premium is a paid subscription that unlocks a world of new features and services. This membership plan is ideal for businesses and individual users who often handle and transfer large files frequently between departments and associates.

Some of the premium features include:

Maximum download speeds

turbobit premium speed

Unlike turbobit free membership that normally experiences slows speeds, Turbobit premium offers maximum upload and download speeds. Moreover, this membership plan supports various download accelerators for maximum efficiency.

One-click uploads

Turbobit allows you to upload your files in one click using your phone, tablet, or computer. You simply have to drag and drop the files you want to upload on the Turbobit homepage.

Unlimited storage space

With Turbobit premium, you do not have to worry about storage space. You can upload, store, and share files up to 100 GB in size daily. This makes Turbobit ideal for entities that prefer cloud storage system for their daily file hosting needs.

Prompt support service

Turbobit offers excellent support services to all its members. However, premium members enjoy priority support. In effect, you may contact the support team via several methods, including live chat, support tickets, and emails.

No waiting times

With free membership, you have to wait for 20 seconds before you can initiate a download process. In addition, you have to enter a Captcha code before you can start any download. However, this is not the case with Turbobit premium. Essentially, you can start your downloads right away without waiting any longer or entering any Captcha codes.

Zero adverts

Free members have to contend with annoying adverts every few seconds when either uploading or downloading files. The opposite is true with a premium membership. Premium users enjoy advert-free uploads and downloads.

Parallel downloads

Apart from the fast download speeds, you can download multiple files at the same time, thus saving on time.

Download resume

Turbobit Premium support download resume. This means that you can resume your downloads at any time in case your connection becomes unstable for whatever reason.

Reasonable price plans

turbobit price

Turbobit is cheaper and affordable than what most people think. In fact, you can pay for a week, a month, 6 months, or even 2 years, depending on your preferences and budget. If you consider these price offerings, then upgrading to Turbobit premium is certainly worth it. Here are Turbobit premium plans.

1 week30 Days120 Days365 Days2 Years
$ 5.95$ 9.95$ 34.95$ 59.95$89.95

Bottom line: Is Turbobit Premium Worth Joining?

If your job involves managing several files every day, then joining a cloud storage platform like Turbobit is a viable option. Turbobit will allow you to upload, manage, and share your files without using physical storage devices. Nevertheless, while signing up is free, it is prudent that you upgrade to Turbobit premium to enjoy exceptional file hosting services.

Hitfile – Premium Account 2022 – Is it Safe?

Hitfile.net is an online platform that provides free web space to internet users. Essentially, the platform offers net space where you can upload, store, share, and retrieve your files and documents conveniently in a safe and secure manner. You can also download other people’s files using links shared on the platform.

Hitfile traces its origin to the Bahamas, where the parent company is supposedly located. However, the company has subsidiaries in other regions, including the United States. Moreover, its website has been active since 2010, offering incisive cloud computing services to web users around the world. Considering this, it is not surprising that Hitfile is one of the most reliable file hosting platforms still in operation today.

Signing up with Hitfile.net

Signing up with Hitfile is free. You do not have to pay anything to upload, store, or share your files. Access to free web storage comes in handy as it also means that you do not require physical storage devices anymore. Nevertheless, there is a catch. Complimentary membership comes with so many restrictions such as slow speeds and limited webspace. To enjoy advanced features, it is essential that you sign for a Hitfile premium account.

hitfile premium speed

The registration process is equally easy. You just need to enter an email address and create a password. Once you are a registered user, you may upgrade your account to premium by clicking the link at the bottom of the home page. Importantly, make sure you allow cookies on your browser for Hitfile to recognize you as a premium user.

User Interface

Like most cloud storage platforms available today, Hitfile.net has a plain and easy-to-use interface. The interface has a simple arrangement, and all the menus are easily accessible. You can sign up, login, and upload your files effortlessly from the home page.

What is more remarkable is that the Hitfile website is available in 17 other languages besides English. These include languages such as Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, German, French, Swedish, Greek, Italian and Portuguese, among many others. This allows non-native English speakers and foreign nationals to enjoy seamless cloud storage services in a dialect that they can understand.

How to Operate a Hitfile account

It does not matter whether you are a free registered user or a Hitfile premium account holder. This platform makes it easy for every member to manage his or her account. You may upload files using three different options. These include:

Browser Upload

As the name implies, this option allows you to upload files directly using your browser. Interestingly, you do not have to be a registered user to utilize this service. All you need to do is go to the Hitfile homepage and drag and drop the files you want to upload. Alternatively, you click on the “select file” button to upload files from your computer via your browser. This upload option is undeniably the easiest, and it is ideal for uploading small files and documents.

FTP Upload

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is somehow complicated, and it requires some basic skills in computing. Moreover, you have to install a FTP client (program) and create a user account before you can upload your files using this option. In addition, you have to select an FTP server, preferably the one with the lowest load before you can transfer your files. As complicated as this option might seem, FTP upload is the fastest and ideal for transferring large, heavy files.

URL Upload

URL upload or remote upload is an option that allows you to transfer files using a remote computer other than the localhost. Essentially, you have to provide a link to the location of your file from a remote computer. This allows you to upload files quickly in case you have issues with your internet connection or if your network is too slow.

Notably, the member’s area provides a list of all your uploaded files. You can also view deleted files and flagged uploads for easy file management. As if that is not enough, your list of transferred files is intricate, as it also displays the name, date, and actual size of each file uploaded. What is more remarkable is that you can sort out your files in ascending or descending order, depending on your precise preferences.

Another interesting aspect about Hitfile is that it offers a search function to all registered users. You may use this feature to find your files and folders quickly. In case of any correspondence from the Hitfile team or other members, you may also access your messages conveniently on your dashboard without having to check out of your account.

When it comes to retrieving files, Hitfile makes it easy for everyone by offering one-click downloads. This service allows users to download shared files and documents with a single click! However, this option is only available to Hitfile premium account members.

Interestingly, unregistered web users who only want to download files can do so without having to register. You just need to go to the hitfile.net homepage, view shared or available files, and save them to your storage device or computer accordingly.

How safe is Hitfile.net?

Security is a vital consideration when dealing with online file hosting platforms. This is particularly true if you are storing sensitive information such as business documents, credit card data, and private files. The good news is that Hitfile are very serious as far as the security of your files and documents is concerned. The company has invested heavily in top-notch security mechanisms to ensure that your data is safe. The website also uses SSL encryption to protect your credit card data, especially when making payments for a Hitfile premium account.

Interestingly, both registered and unregistered web users cannot access your files even if they use the search function. You have to make the files available or share download links with other users for them to access or download.

Hitfile Free Account

Hitfile free membership plan comes with a variety of incisive services. However, just as it is the case with most free membership plans, you should expect to experience a number of limitations. Free users may only upload up to 100 GB, and the storage of files is limited to 30 days only. Moreover, both the upload and download speeds are restricted to very slow speeds. The fact that you have to share bandwidth with other users further compounds the problem. With this in mind, it is only logical that you upgrade to Hitfile premium.

Hitfile Premium Benefits

hitfile premium benefits

To enjoy fast upload/download speeds, extended storage time, maximum file downloads, and other highly valuable perks, it is advisable that you upgrade your account to premium membership.

  • Premium subscribers enjoy fast upload and download speeds of up to 1 GB per second.
  • Users may upload a maximum file size of up to 100 GB with downloads capped at 25 GB per day.
  • However, unlike the free membership, premium members enjoy up to 60 days of storage instead of the usual 30 days.
  • Hitfile also supports download resume upon internet reconnection, and simultaneous downloading of several files. However, this is only available for premium members.
  • The platform is compatible with various download managers such as SpeedGet, FlashGet, and Download Accelerator Plus.
  • Another benefit of upgrading to the premium membership is that you can download files using your favorite download manager seamlessly without logging out of your account.
  • Hitfile is compatible with most downloading software, but this option is only available for subscribed members.
  • Affordable premium membership plans
  • Fast upload and download speeds
  • 100 GB storage
  • It has excellent security features
  • Compatible with popular download managers
  • Up to 60 days of storage
  • Members can download up to 25GB per day
  • You get to enjoy 30 day Money back guarantee
  • Average customer support services
  • Upload speeds are capped at 1GB

Hitfile Premium Price

The premium membership has four payment plans. These include:

25-day plan70-day plan150-day plan350-day plan

You may securely make payments using your Visa, MasterCard, or via PayPal. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can always request for a refund if the services on offer do not meet your expectations.

Help Desk Services

Hitfile addresses the most common queries in detail on their FAQ section. However, you may contact the support team via email or through Skype. You may also send regular mail to the provided address on their website. However, you may have to wait for a long time to receive a response.


Upgrading to Hitfile premium is by far more beneficial. This is because premium members enjoy highly valuable benefits, including fast upload speeds, unlimited download speeds, extended storage times, simultaneous downloads, and priority support. These premium features make the process of storing and sharing of files worth every dime. So, what are you waiting for?

Tezfiles – Premium Account 2022

About Tezfiles

  1. Tezfiles is a reliable platform for uploading, downloading, sharing, editing, and storing files.
  2. Unlike secondary storage devices, it enables you to store your favorite files and access them anytime from any location.
  3. Generally, the platform accepts various file types, including music, flash files, video clips, flash content, and documents.
  4. To access your stored files, you need reliable internet connectivity and an efficient device such as a laptop, smartphone, or personal computer.
  5. Tezfiles.com gives users a free and premium account and signing up is free.
  6. If you need an enhanced user experience with additional features and minimal interruptions, a premium account will serve your better.
  7. Tezfiles.com account has an easy-to-navigate interface, allowing you to access your stored files easily.
  8. Whether you are using Tezfiles for the first time or you do not have the knowledge of using cloud storage platforms, you are assured of a smooth ride.
  9. Thanks to an SSL encryption that protects all data stored on the platform, you are rest assured of data security while using the platform.
  10. The platform will also preserve your data even if your device fails or crashes.
  11. You simply need to log into your account using a different device
  12. Tezfiles also has a safe link generator, enabling you to share files only with a selected audience.

Tezfiles.com Premium Benefits

tezfiles premium benefits
  1. Premium users enjoy a wide range of benefits not available on a free package.
  2. You will download documents at fast speeds without unnecessary limitations.
  3. You can use third-party accelerators such as Internet Download Manager (IDM) to speed up your download process.
  4. Moreover, you can run parallel downloads all at once without affecting speeds.
  5. Premium users can also resume downloads from your last stop following unexpected interruptions.
  6. You will also get unlimited access to virus protection, including file scanning before download.
  7. You can preview your favorite videos before you download them.
  8. You can also download any file on the platform anonymously.
  9. Enjoy 10GB of upload bandwidth and 20 GB of file storage limit.
  10. Tezfiles.com premium account is free from third-party ads
  11. You also do not have to input captcha codes to access any of the features offered on the platform.

Tezfiles.com Premium Prices

tezfiles price
  1. Tezfiles has three affordable premium packages with payments as low as $12.50 per month.
  2. A monthly premium cost 24.95 per month.
  3. A three-month plan costs 18.32 per month.
  4. An annual plan goes for 12.50 per month.
  5. Payment for premium packages is easy since Tezfiles.com accepts many payment options.
  6. You can pay via American Express, Visa Card, Master Card, WebMoney, or Bitcoin.
  7. Tezfiles has a partial refund policy to boost trustworthiness in monetary transactions.
  8. If the service experiences downtime for more than a week after payment, the hosting company will give you a refund.

Tezfiles.com: FAQs

Can I upload any date on Tezfiles.com?

  1. Tezfiles accepts a wide range of files and data, including audio, video clips, music, and flash files.
  2. There are restrictions enshrined on the terms of service, prohibiting sexually explicit content, copyright infringement, nudity, and pornographic.

Can I search for other files on the platform?

  1. All files on the Tezfiles platform are exclusively visible to users.
  2. Therefore, Tezfiles does not have a search panel for searching or locating files.
  3. You can only view files other users share if they give you a download link.

How can I get new login information?

  1. Tezfiles understands that you may unintentionally forget your login password or username.
  2. If you forget your login information, you can request a password reset through the customer support center.
  3. You can also request a new password through the password reset page.
  4. Whatever method you use, ensure you provide the correct email address for receiving the password reset link.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

  1. Tezfiles refunds subscribers if the service experiences downtimes for a whole week
  2. However, dead links, download delays, or canceling your subscription do not qualify for a full refund.

Can I still use Tezfiles after canceling my subscription?

  1. Tezfiles has a premium subscription and a free membership plan.
  2. You will still be eligible to use the free plan if you cancel your subscription.
  3. However, you will not access the added benefits of a premium account.

Tezfiles.com: Earn Money

  1. Tezfiles has a robust affiliate program for users to earn some income.
  2. You can upload your content on the platform and share links to your content.
  3. Users will then pay to access your content, from which you will earn 75% of the total sales.
  4. Affiliate users also enjoy unlimited file storage and free upload on the Tezfiles.com platform.
  5. Enjoy timely payouts starting from $1.
  6. The most popular payout method includes WebMoney, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

Uploaded.net – Premium Account 2022 – Is It Safe?

For a lot of people, they’ll probably think that Uploaded.net is a pretty new file hosting provider. That’s true as it has been launched very recently, and just like any other file hosting providers out there, it’s very helpful when it comes to sharing almost anything– ranging from TV shows, games, music, eBooks, files, and many more.


Just like what has been mentioned earlier, Uploaded.net is a file hosting provider, however, aside from the common features you can expect from a typical file hosting service, you can also use it for torrents, and that’s why their motto has been, “unlimited free downloads,” and that’s what they have been delivering ever since its launch.

It’s also worth noting that aside from personal use, Uploaded.net is also perfect for those who have to store large files and be able to share them with others.

Who Is It For?

Those who have to send large files over the Internet would definitely find Uploaded.net quite useful. Not only is it a secure remote storage capacity perfect for backups, but it also offers a number of solutions to its users. You can access personal data from different computers, which means there’s no need to carry a USB stick wherever you go.

You wouldn’t have to worry about your privacy as well. No one would be able to access the files you have uploaded, not unless you give them the download link. That means you really have nothing to worry about and your files would stay safe. Thus, it’s a perfect way to backup or have a copy of your files wherever you are.

uploaded.net premium download

Types of Files You Can Upload

You are free to upload anything– ranging from memorable photos to important files and documents. However, there are also some restrictions that you really have to follow. You are not allowed to upload pornography, sexual images, nudity, and other kinds of offensive material. Of course, copyrighted material is also not allowed. To know more about that, we highly suggest that you visit their terms of service.

The Need for a File Hosting Provider

Try to think about it– how often did you have the issue of being restricted whenever you have to send large files? This can definitely be frustrating, especially if you really need to access or share the files right away. Not only can it be a waste of time, but it could also affect your overall productivity. For instance, you’ll have no choice, but to go to the office on a weekend just so you’ll be able to save the large file to the server of your boss for him to be able to access it. If not, then you’ll have to dive the file into smaller documents just so it would fit with the email capacity. Something like this can definitely be very confusing, especially for those who don’t even have a clue about the files they are accessing. This is where file hosting services come in. They are specifically made to host contents, such as large files. You’ll be able to access them anywhere as long as you have the download link. To use Uploaded.net, you simply have to go to their website and follow the instructions on how to upload the files into their server.

Uploaded.net Premium Account

uploaded.net premium compared

Just like other file hosting providers, there are different levels of membership and different costs associated with each plan. Although you can use their service for free, know that it’s pretty much restricted. On the other hand, with a premium account, you’ll be able to enjoy Uploaded.net to the fullest. There are several plans for a premium account, such as 9.99 Euros for 30 days, 24.99 Euros for 90 days, and 69.99 Euros for 365 days.

48 hours4.99 Euros500 points
1 month9.99 Euros1000 points
3 months24.99 Euros2000 points
6 months39.99 Euros6000 points
1 year69.99 Euros7000 points
2 years99.99 Euros9,000 points

Unfortunately, Hotlinking is not allowed in Uploaded.net. As for files that you don’t need anymore, you can easily delete them through the file manager. Simply select the file and delete.

Final Words

With Uploaded.net, you’ll never have to worry about size limits, or having to carry a flash drive wherever you go. Your important files, documents, and the like would all be accessible online.

What are you waiting for? Give Uploaded.net a try and be able to enjoy what it has to offer.