Katfile Premium

About Katfile

  1. Katfile.com is a cloud-based file hosting service that helps you upload, share, store and manage your files from any device and country throughout the world.
  2. The site is based in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong and was one of the earliest cloud storage services in the world.
  3. According to the management, Katfile.com is like an online Hard Drive where you can store, access, transfer and manage all your data and files whenever you want.
  4. There are no limits as to the types and sizes of files you can upload on the platform.
  5. You can upload photos, documents, music, videos, contacts and bookmarks and get instant access at any time.
  6. Apart from making sharing and accessibility of stored files much easier, Katfile.com helps you avoid potential inconveniences that may be caused by computer crashes and viruses.
  7. You can also control who views and downloads your shared files.
  8. The site’s UI is quite responsive and very user-friendly.
  9. All files and data uploaded to the site are encrypted to ensure only the uploader, or their approved viewers can access it, even in the event of a breach.
  10. Katfile also backs up user files in a remote server to facilitate easy access even during cloud outages.

Katfile.com: Premium Benefits

  1. Browse with no ads
  2. No time delays when downloading files
  3. Extremely fast download speeds
  4. Ability to resume downloads that were stopped or interfered with by network or computer problems
  5. Protect your files with passwords and other safety features to ensure that only people you approve of can view and download them
  6. Download an unlimited number of files at once
  7. Store your files on the platform for longer periods than on the free account
  8. Upload larger files of up to 20 GB
  9. Share your files with an unlimited number of people
  10. No limits on the number of files you can upload and download multiple files per day
  11. Highly responsive and 24/7 customer support
katfile premium benefits
katfile premium speed

Katfile.com Premium Prices

  1. There are different types of Katfile Premium accounts available, depending on your preferences.
  2. The available plans are typically divided into 30 day/90 day/365 day/Lifetime options
  3. The 30 days option costs $18.99, translating to $0.63 per day and comes with 10 TB of secure storage space plus an extra 50 GB of bandwidth every day.
  4. The 90 days plan costs $52.99, which is around $0.58 per day. It, however, gives you the same 10 TB bandwidth and the 50 GB daily discount as the 30-day plan. The only difference is that the benefits run for 3 months as opposed to just one.
  5. The 365 days plan goes for $119.95, also averaging about $0.32 per day and covers you for 6 months, and for $17 less than you would have to fork for the above plans. The benefits are, nevertheless, the same.
  6. To get the Lifetime premium subscription, you need to fork out $439.99, which translates to $0.10 per day. By buying this plan, you save up to $340, which is more than the cost of the 365-day package.
  7. All the payments are one-time and no automatic renewals.
  8. Payments can be in the form of cash channeled through PayPal or wire transfer or in the form of Bitcoin.
  9. The caliber of payment channels used guarantees maximum safety and confidentiality, especially as you can choose to keep an anonymous profile.
  10. Refunds are also provided, albeit on a case-to-case basis, where the services received are not satisfactory, or were not as promised.
  11. The refund policy requires that users submit requests for refunds within 24 of purchasing a subscription, or before receiving the services.
  12. The company does, however, not payout partial refunds.

Katfile.com: Earn Money

  • Katfile gives its users an opportunity to make money from Reselling premium accounts.
  • The Reseller program is open to both Free and Premium account holders.
  • Basically, you buy a number of Katfile.com Premium accounts at a discount and sell them individually to your customers at your desired price.
  • The initial discount for new Resellers is 20% and slightly higher for trusted affiliates.
  • In simple terms, approved Resellers purchase accounts from Katfile.com at 80% of their normal price and then pocket the profit after selling them to other people.
  • Katfile does not control any payouts. Individual Resellers are in full charge of their earnings, which significantly reduces the risks involved.
  • To become a Katfile.com Reseller, open an account and load it with a minimum of $2000 then send an email to the sales team ([email protected]) requesting for approval.
  • You may be required to provide detailed personal information, including but not limited to:
  • Your name and country of origin
  • Region, or country where your prospective customers come from
  • Your desired payment methods
  • A rough estimate of how many accounts you can sell every week
  • Your Katfile.com account information
  • Site owners are often more likely to be approved as Resellers than individuals, especially if they have active sites with decent traffic.

Turbobit – Premium Account


  1. Turbobit.net is a cloud storage service provider that lets you store any file you want on your cloud account by uploading through any of their platform support. You can not only upload your files, but you can also share them with anybody in any location by simply sending the links associated with them. External files owned by others can also be accessed by getting the links Turbobit has generated for the files.
  2. Turbobit.net is very simple, easy, and free for anybody to use, but it’s advised that you register for premium accounts. This is because of the speed limit on file downloads for free accounts. If you wish to break this restriction and download your files within a couple of minutes, then we recommend that you subscribe to any of their plans for better access.
  3. Being a Peer-2-Peer and file sharing platform, you might be concerned about the safety of your files. You don’t need to; the website makes use of a strong SSL encryption software to combat any unauthorized access to your files.
  4. Like previously mentioned, Turbobit offers support for different platforms, including Mobile, Web, or Desktop. You can also choose to download their desktop application, Turbobit.net Uploader, for easy uploading of files directly from your PC. All their applications are user-friendly and designed to streamline the management of your cloud services.
  5. When uploading your files onto a server, Turbobit.net automatically picks out the least loaded FTP server in terms of traffic. This allows you to quickly navigate through a file upload without any difficulty or delay.


turbobit premium benefits
  1. Procuring a turbobit.net premium account, you can then have access to downloading files without any restrictions on the speed, and subsequently, your time spent on each download. Having high-speeds file downloads is the best way to enjoy the versatility this platform has to offer.
  2. You can resume any aborted downloads should you mistakenly cancel any of your ongoing downloads, preventing inconvenient events where you have to start all over again. Download managers, like IDM, can be used to download from the servers at Turbobit.net.
  3. Files can be also be downloaded directly from their servers with the links provided.
  4. They also provide the option to download in multiple streams.
  5. You won’t be disturbed by any form of advertising.
  6. Your files gain a longer storage time, amongst other perks.
  7. Premium users can reach a download speed of 1 Gbit/sec if your internet connection can sustain such speeds. Whichever case, access to a premium account allows you to attain the highest download speed possible for your connection.


turbobit price
10 days30 days180 days365 days730 days
7.45 USD9.95 USD34.95 USD59.95 USD89.95 USD
  1. Any transaction made on their platform is made safe through the use of multiple layers of security.
  2. You can pick your turbobit.net premium account based on different time plans, which include the 10-day, 30-day, 180-day, 365-day, and 730-day options.
  3. There are several payment mediums available on Turbobit.net; you can either use MasterCard, Visa, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Bancontact, WebMoney, Qiwi Sofort, Alipay, or Skrill to process any payment you want.
  4. You have the option to activate an HTTPS protection feature to download anything you want anonymously. This comes for $100 and functions effectively to provide the anonymity you require.


  1. Turbobit.net grants its users the opportunity to earn their piece of the action. You can secure earnings of up to $1000 per week by uploading your files on their platform and that of Hitlife.net
  2. You start earning the moment your files are being downloaded by other visitors on the platform. All you have to do is simply share the information with your contacts or followers on your social media accounts, blog, or anywhere else you can think of.
  3. This will bring traffic to your files, and you get paid for each download or account sale made through your links.
  4. All you have to do is open an affiliate partner account and link it with your Turbobit.net and Hitfile.net accounts. As soon as you upload your files on both platforms, share them and start earning for each download or sale.
  5. You can get a pay of up to $40 for every 1000 completed downloads using a uniqueness calculated based on the context of the entire site.
  6. You get pay of up to $20 for every 1000 failed or incomplete downloads using a uniqueness based on the context of an account. The minimum payout you can get is $10
  7. Members from all countries are allowed to participate in the affiliate program.
  8. Your earnings can be withdrawn through PayPal, Yandex Money, Payza, and QIWI once every week. You can withdraw your money up to three times a week with WebMoney.
  9. You can also participate in the Gold program to enjoy benefits such as a revenue increase of 30%.
  10. You make 10% off every sale made through your links.
  11. You can even earn additional money by recommending the affiliate program to your users. You get to keep up to 12% of their earnings.

Hitfile Premium

Hitfile.net: About the site

  1. Hitfile.net is a cloud-based file storage service that allows you to store your files and share them with your clients, family, or friends.
  2. The platform supports HTTPS meaning you can rest easy knowing that your data is well secured.
  3. Download speeds can be as high as 1 Gbit per second
  4. This service support one-click uploads to help you load files faster from a mobile phone, a computer, or from another website.
  5. It offers a user-friendly interface on your desktop for uploading files and managing your account.
  6. Hitfile.net supports files in a variety of formats, including movies, documents, archives, music, android programs, games, avi, mp4,mp3, mkv, ios phone programs, programs, apk, music, drawing, animation, 3d, photos, and more.

Hitfile.net Premium Benefits

hitfile premium benefits
  1. Download speed – You’ll be able to download files at a speed of 1 GB per second provided your connection supports that.
  2. You can perform unlimited simultaneous downloads. This means you can download many files at the same time without waiting for one file to complete downloading before you download the next one.
  3. You’ll be allowed to download files many times a day.
  4. No download timeout: you can download large files without interruptions.
  5. No captcha for faster upload and download of files
  6. Hitfile premium provides an extended storage time, meaning you’ll be able to store your files for up to 90 days from the time you performed the last download. This gives you the peace of mind to work without having to worry that your files will be deleted.
  7. Hitfile.net supports one-click download – this will save you a lot of time, especially if you have many files to download in a day
  8. Unlimited secure and safe storage
  9. Direct link download – you’ll get a link, send it to your friend to download the file immediately.
  10. If you receive a download link from your friend, there will be no need for you to wait for permission, you just click and start downloading.
hitfile premium speed

Hitfile.net Premium Prices

  1. When you subscribe, you’ll get a 21% discount, which you can renew at a discount of the same rate or an extra premium period when the first time premium subscription ends.
  2. You can enable HTTPS protection at $1 for anonymous download.
  3. You can subscribe to Turbo double traffic volume and get 600 GB at only $2.75 – that is 25% of the normal cost.
  4. Hitfile.net Premium offers two options: Base or Plus option. Both the options have 25 days, 70 days, 150 days, and 350 days plans.
  5. For the 25 days base option, you’ll pay $9.95 and get 300 GB. This translates to $0.40 per day.
  6. For the 70 days base option, you’ll pay $24.95, and get 1400 GB. This translates to $0.36 per day, meaning you’ll save 10%.
  7. For the 150 days base option, you pay $49.95 and 3000 GB. This translates to $0.33 per day – you’ll save 15%.
  8. For the 350 days base option, you’ll pay $89.95 and get 7000 GB. This translates to $0.26 per day and a saving of 35%.
  9. For the 25 days plus option, you’ll pay $12.45 and get 600 GB. This translates to $0.50 per day.
  10. For the 70 days plus option, you’ll pay $30.45, and get 2800 GB. This translates to $0.44 per day, meaning you’ll save 10%.
  11. For the 150 days plus option, you pay $62.45 and get 6000 GB. This translates to $0.42 per day – you’ll save 15%.
  12. For the 350 days plus option, you’ll pay $112.45 and get 14000 GB. This translates to $0.32 per day and a saving of 35%.
  13. You can pay using your Visa card, or use other alternatives such as PayPal, Paysafe, Qiwi Wallet, Bitcoins, Sofort, iDeal, WebMoney, Bancontract.

Hitfile.net: How to Earn money

  1. You can earn some money on the site through Hitfile.net affiliate program.
  2. You will get paid for all downloads and sale premium access on your files.
  3. Hitfile.net offers pay per download (PPD) at a rate that is as high as $40 per 1000 completed downloads.
  4. Incomplete downloads are paid at $20 per 1000 file.
  5. On future valid re-bills, you’ll receive a commission of up to 70-percent.
  6. Hitfile gives back 60 percent of every premium sale made using your file – the more sales are made, the more your income will be.
  7. When you refer a partner, you will get 10 percent of what is generated by the partner, and 2 percent generated by partners brought in by your partners. Use your referral link to enjoy these payments.
  8. When you copy and distribute files uploaded by other users, you’ll receive a 90 percent revenue. You’ll also be awarded 10 percent revenue on each copied file.
  9. If you have a website, you can distribute links using your website. You’ll receive a 5 percent commission on all premium accounts sold through your website, forum, or blog.
  10. The minimum payout is only $5, and you can withdraw money to Payza, Paypal, QIWI, and Yandex Money.

Tezfiles – Premium Account 2022

About Tezfiles

  1. Tezfiles is a reliable platform for uploading, downloading, sharing, editing, and storing files.
  2. Unlike secondary storage devices, it enables you to store your favorite files and access them anytime from any location.
  3. Generally, the platform accepts various file types, including music, flash files, video clips, flash content, and documents.
  4. To access your stored files, you need reliable internet connectivity and an efficient device such as a laptop, smartphone, or personal computer.
  5. Tezfiles.com gives users a free and premium account and signing up is free.
  6. If you need an enhanced user experience with additional features and minimal interruptions, a premium account will serve your better.
  7. Tezfiles.com account has an easy-to-navigate interface, allowing you to access your stored files easily.
  8. Whether you are using Tezfiles for the first time or you do not have the knowledge of using cloud storage platforms, you are assured of a smooth ride.
  9. Thanks to an SSL encryption that protects all data stored on the platform, you are rest assured of data security while using the platform.
  10. The platform will also preserve your data even if your device fails or crashes.
  11. You simply need to log into your account using a different device
  12. Tezfiles also has a safe link generator, enabling you to share files only with a selected audience.

Tezfiles.com Premium Benefits

tezfiles premium benefits
  1. Premium users enjoy a wide range of benefits not available on a free package.
  2. You will download documents at fast speeds without unnecessary limitations.
  3. You can use third-party accelerators such as Internet Download Manager (IDM) to speed up your download process.
  4. Moreover, you can run parallel downloads all at once without affecting speeds.
  5. Premium users can also resume downloads from your last stop following unexpected interruptions.
  6. You will also get unlimited access to virus protection, including file scanning before download.
  7. You can preview your favorite videos before you download them.
  8. You can also download any file on the platform anonymously.
  9. Enjoy 10GB of upload bandwidth and 20 GB of file storage limit.
  10. Tezfiles.com premium account is free from third-party ads
  11. You also do not have to input captcha codes to access any of the features offered on the platform.

Tezfiles.com Premium Prices

tezfiles price
  1. Tezfiles has three affordable premium packages with payments as low as $12.50 per month.
  2. A monthly premium cost 24.95 per month.
  3. A three-month plan costs 18.32 per month.
  4. An annual plan goes for 12.50 per month.
  5. Payment for premium packages is easy since Tezfiles.com accepts many payment options.
  6. You can pay via American Express, Visa Card, Master Card, WebMoney, or Bitcoin.
  7. Tezfiles has a partial refund policy to boost trustworthiness in monetary transactions.
  8. If the service experiences downtime for more than a week after payment, the hosting company will give you a refund.

Tezfiles.com: FAQs

Can I upload any date on Tezfiles.com?

  1. Tezfiles accepts a wide range of files and data, including audio, video clips, music, and flash files.
  2. There are restrictions enshrined on the terms of service, prohibiting sexually explicit content, copyright infringement, nudity, and pornographic.

Can I search for other files on the platform?

  1. All files on the Tezfiles platform are exclusively visible to users.
  2. Therefore, Tezfiles does not have a search panel for searching or locating files.
  3. You can only view files other users share if they give you a download link.

How can I get new login information?

  1. Tezfiles understands that you may unintentionally forget your login password or username.
  2. If you forget your login information, you can request a password reset through the customer support center.
  3. You can also request a new password through the password reset page.
  4. Whatever method you use, ensure you provide the correct email address for receiving the password reset link.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

  1. Tezfiles refunds subscribers if the service experiences downtimes for a whole week
  2. However, dead links, download delays, or canceling your subscription do not qualify for a full refund.

Can I still use Tezfiles after canceling my subscription?

  1. Tezfiles has a premium subscription and a free membership plan.
  2. You will still be eligible to use the free plan if you cancel your subscription.
  3. However, you will not access the added benefits of a premium account.

Tezfiles.com: Earn Money

  1. Tezfiles has a robust affiliate program for users to earn some income.
  2. You can upload your content on the platform and share links to your content.
  3. Users will then pay to access your content, from which you will earn 75% of the total sales.
  4. Affiliate users also enjoy unlimited file storage and free upload on the Tezfiles.com platform.
  5. Enjoy timely payouts starting from $1.
  6. The most popular payout method includes WebMoney, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

Uploaded.net – Premium Account 2022 – Is It Safe?

For a lot of people, they’ll probably think that Uploaded.net is a pretty new file hosting provider. That’s true as it has been launched very recently, and just like any other file hosting providers out there, it’s very helpful when it comes to sharing almost anything– ranging from TV shows, games, music, eBooks, files, and many more.


Just like what has been mentioned earlier, Uploaded.net is a file hosting provider, however, aside from the common features you can expect from a typical file hosting service, you can also use it for torrents, and that’s why their motto has been, “unlimited free downloads,” and that’s what they have been delivering ever since its launch.

It’s also worth noting that aside from personal use, Uploaded.net is also perfect for those who have to store large files and be able to share them with others.

Who Is It For?

Those who have to send large files over the Internet would definitely find Uploaded.net quite useful. Not only is it a secure remote storage capacity perfect for backups, but it also offers a number of solutions to its users. You can access personal data from different computers, which means there’s no need to carry a USB stick wherever you go.

You wouldn’t have to worry about your privacy as well. No one would be able to access the files you have uploaded, not unless you give them the download link. That means you really have nothing to worry about and your files would stay safe. Thus, it’s a perfect way to backup or have a copy of your files wherever you are.

uploaded.net premium download

Types of Files You Can Upload

You are free to upload anything– ranging from memorable photos to important files and documents. However, there are also some restrictions that you really have to follow. You are not allowed to upload pornography, sexual images, nudity, and other kinds of offensive material. Of course, copyrighted material is also not allowed. To know more about that, we highly suggest that you visit their terms of service.

The Need for a File Hosting Provider

Try to think about it– how often did you have the issue of being restricted whenever you have to send large files? This can definitely be frustrating, especially if you really need to access or share the files right away. Not only can it be a waste of time, but it could also affect your overall productivity. For instance, you’ll have no choice, but to go to the office on a weekend just so you’ll be able to save the large file to the server of your boss for him to be able to access it. If not, then you’ll have to dive the file into smaller documents just so it would fit with the email capacity. Something like this can definitely be very confusing, especially for those who don’t even have a clue about the files they are accessing. This is where file hosting services come in. They are specifically made to host contents, such as large files. You’ll be able to access them anywhere as long as you have the download link. To use Uploaded.net, you simply have to go to their website and follow the instructions on how to upload the files into their server.

Uploaded.net Premium Account

uploaded.net premium compared

Just like other file hosting providers, there are different levels of membership and different costs associated with each plan. Although you can use their service for free, know that it’s pretty much restricted. On the other hand, with a premium account, you’ll be able to enjoy Uploaded.net to the fullest. There are several plans for a premium account, such as 9.99 Euros for 30 days, 24.99 Euros for 90 days, and 69.99 Euros for 365 days.

48 hours4.99 Euros500 points
1 month9.99 Euros1000 points
3 months24.99 Euros2000 points
6 months39.99 Euros6000 points
1 year69.99 Euros7000 points
2 years99.99 Euros9,000 points

Unfortunately, Hotlinking is not allowed in Uploaded.net. As for files that you don’t need anymore, you can easily delete them through the file manager. Simply select the file and delete.

Final Words

With Uploaded.net, you’ll never have to worry about size limits, or having to carry a flash drive wherever you go. Your important files, documents, and the like would all be accessible online.

What are you waiting for? Give Uploaded.net a try and be able to enjoy what it has to offer.