Is Safe ? is one of the most reliable online storage providers out there. They are well-known for their ability to keep all important files secure, but readily accessible at all times. Not just that, they also offer various security methods that ensure no one else would be able to access your files aside from you, and those who have the link. That’s why a lot of users consider their services as an easy, yet intuitive solution, that they can easily rely on, while having the peace of mind.

With, you could upload as much files as you want, and you’ll have the guarantee that they’re safe, especially for long term use. They offer built-in data inheritance features that allow the users to automatically and safely transfer important data to others.

Safety Is Their Main Priority offers a free account, but it’s highly advisable to get a premium one for you to enjoy more features, and you’ll even have the confidence that every penny spent is worth the cost. As for the security and privacy, they take pride in offering state-of-the-art software that fully protects your important digital assets against competitors, hackers, governments, disasters, and so on. With, your data would be protected at all times.

Other Remarkable Features

You’ll be able to store and backup your files wherever you are in the world. Likewise, you’ll also be able to access them using various devices, such as your Android phone, laptop, iPhone, iPad, and many more. That means it doesn’t matter where you are– be it in the office or on the go, you’ll never lose touch of these important data.

Ensure File Transfer

You could easily send files even if it’s 2GB big to your friends, colleagues, and workmates. These files would be downloaded in a safe and secure environment.

Sync and Backup

You’ll be able to keep your data in sync across various devices– these could be photos, private documents, and many more.

What to Do If You Have Any Problems

The wonderful thing about is that, if ever you encounter some issues along the way, you’ll be guided accordingly. Rest assured that once you file for a complaint, it would be reviewed within 24-72 hours, and from there on, you’ll be getting a resolution. operates on a very strict framework of legal field, and they are very much willing to work with copyright owners in order to ensure that their work would be safe from illegal distribution.

Filing a complaint is not even complicated at all. All you have to do is provide your complete name, address, and phone number. For those who are representing a group of people or organization, then mentioning the name of the organization is highly preferred as well.

For the body of your letter, make sure you explain your concern as clearly as possible. You also have to ensure that you are not violating their terms and condition. As for the information you are going to give, they will be confidential, and you wouldn’t have to worry about these important information getting compromised.

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