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There is no doubt that cloud file sharing is the ultimate solution for bulky data storage. As a growing number of users upload and share files digitally, data security becomes an essential consideration. That is why stands out as a dependable online storage system that provides premium services and data security to individuals and organizations. 

Overview is an online cloud platform for the submission and storage of files. It also supports data sharing by providing a link to your documents. 

Whether you choose a free plan or a high-end premium subscription, you’ll enjoy an array of security features, which include: 

Privacy Protection assures clients of data confidentiality and customer privacy in its regulatory requirements. The system automatically saves the first files you enter on the cloud platform, including your demographics and critical information about the windows operating type. 

Once you register, the system prompts you to enter your email identifier and username. It automatically stores essential info such as your IP address, search engine used, and length of the browsing session. 

Information Encryption recognizes that you can use various payment options such as Visa cards, credit cards, and PayPal, containing sensitive personal data.

As a result, the site securely encrypts your personnel data to ensure secure traffic. In addition, it stores cookies to help you adapt to the site quickly while storing or sharing your files. 

Passcode Security Check will prompt you to verify and confirm your password when you choose to discard a file. Keep your passcode safe, as you cannot recover it once lost. Having a unique password implies that nobody can access your files unless you share your password.

Password Hacking Mitigation System allows you to enable or disable the number of login attempts. After ten failed attempts, you will have to confirm your access and approval via email. Furthermore, the anti-hacking system will prevent any sign-in efforts with the same username for the next 12 hours. Thus, hackers cannot change your password or access your files, no matter how hard they try.


Along with your username and password, the security check on the sign-in page may ask you to identify random characters from a set of images (captcha). This helps to block hackers from using robots to access information.

Ready Customer Support

The cloud platform has a professional customer support system designed to respond to customers’ needs. For instance, a FAQ section on the main menu provides information about users’ common questions.  

If this isn’t enough, you can reach customer care via an online form or email. You can also use Skype to ask client service representatives queries. This ensures you get a prompt response to any challenges that may affect your data security.

User Control and Friendliness

Turbobit is one of the few cloud platforms that allow absolute control of data by the user. When you subscribe to the premium option, you get direct user control of all your stored files as long as you enter your credentials.

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