Hitfile Vs onedrive

Hitfile.net comes with a variety of file storage features for everyone to enjoy– whether for personal or business use. By getting a premium account, you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of benefits. Likewise, if you’re wondering if it’s similar to OneDrive, or what made it different, keep on reading to find out!

If you’re in search for a reliable platform where you can handle your files, then, a lot of people would suggest using a cloud storage provider. Both Hitfile.net and OneDrive are cloud based services that allow their users to keep, share, and synchronize their files across various devices.

Hitfile.net is advertised mainly for document handling and storage provider, but its use also goes beyond that.

What Makes Them Similar?

Both providers use Office 365 in order to create details and share it with other users. In order to ensure that things are secured, documents are shared to a cloud provider, and through this, users can easily monitor the changes happening with their files, as everything is present in a single location. Furthermore, one of the few reasons that these providers are getting more and more well-sought of is because users can easily introduce comments and notes in real time. Likewise, since data can easily be synchronized, and available when needed, everyone enjoys access to real time data.

More Personal with OneDrive

It’s worth noting that OneDrive uses a SharePoint backdrop to function, and this connects two programs. This means it’s perfect for individuals who want to have full control with the files they share with other users. Aside from that, they could also work continuously as long as the uploader shares the document through a secure link, and this allows the user to determine who is allowed to edit the file.

There’s More to Hitfile.net

With Hitfile, everyone who has access to the file will be able to check and edit it. The changes done can be monitored and higher-ups will have the idea of who’s working on the document. This is perfect for human resource surveys or updates that call for attention from other team members.


OneDrive allows you to easily sync the computer and the cloud. All you have to do is choose the folder, and sync it up. As easy as that. Aside from that, you can easily share files with other members as well. This allows you to enjoy fast and simple collaboration across various channels. There’s also an automatic synchronization with choosing local folders, and with a OneDrive cloud folder, you could automatically sync all local documents to the cloud for easy access. Meaning to say, there’s definitely a lot of features for you to enjoy. The only drawback is that, it’s layout could be improved further to make it a little more user friendly. This holds true for sharing settings that can be a little confusing and it calls for multiple steps to approve when someone wants to access the document.

With Hitfile and OneDrive, businesses could notice an improvement on how they handle tasks. For those who want to learn how online document sharing program works, both of which can be the perfect solution for your need.

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