What is Online Backup?

What Is Online Backup?

For experts, they’re probably quite familiar with this term. However, there are those who might have encountered this before, but doesn’t mean they truly know what to expect. The best way to describe online backup is that it’s a type local storage wherein data is constantly stored over the Internet on a report server. This is usually done by a file hosting provider, such as Tezfiles.

Over the years, online storage has become almost similar to the cloud backup. Though, there was a time that it only referred to storing to a service provider’s site. Times have changed. Now, it’s usually some form of cloud.

There’s also several kinds of online provider that could handle backups and its pricing depends on capacity, size of backups, frequency, and the amount of users. For organizations, they can also opt for traditional methods to transfer their data to a public cloud, and this could be compared to backup up a tape or disk. However, the data moves through a network and into the provider’s site.

How It Works?

Online backups automatically copy files to another site through a highly secured connection and it allows an on-demand restoration by users. Usually, it’s worked on a schedule based on the purchase level of the service. That means an organization could try online backup services in several ways. Wherein, the initial backup is allowed to work over a network connection. Likewise, based on the strategy used, as well as the size of data, the initial site backup could take days, or sometimes, even weeks.

Usually, cloud backup providers provide a cloud seeding option for a customer’s first backup. Basically, instead of performing the initial backup over the network, they send a disk appliance to their clients, and the client would place their backup data on it. Once it’s done, he has to send it back, and this would be copied into the server.

Advantages of Online Backup Services

There are a number of advantages that you can enjoy from using online data backup. One of which is that it’s very cost-effective as compared to using a disk backup. Aside from that, most experts would tell you that a disk backup is also more challenging to scale, and it’s more sensitive to errors– meaning there will be occasions where you have to worry about data loss.

On the other hand, with online backup, you’ll be able to save yourself from this kind of worry. Likewise, you’ll also be able to optimize on-site data storage as you could archive old data off-site. Meeting regulatory requirements, as well as adhering to internal policies have been easier as well.

For online backup customers, they could easily switch providers whenever they want to, and this wouldn’t be an issue at all.

Online or Offline Backup?

Lastly, most would tell you that online backup is better than offline backup when it comes to data protection, because you’ll have the guarantee that your data will never get lost or corrupted. However, the only drawback is that, if you don’t have access to the Internet, you wouldn’t be able to access these files either.

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