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Ever since the inception of cloud storage platforms, it has become easier and convenient for individuals and business entities to store, manage, and access their files in remote servers, online.

What’s more, is that these cloud platforms are extremely secure. Essentially, you do not have to worry about integrity issues or data breaches. The only dilemma you have to face is choosing the right file hosting platform for your needs, given that they are too many.

Nevertheless, one notable file hosting platform that you should consider is Turbobit.net. This review highlights how it works and why you should opt for a Turbobit premium account.

What is Turbobit?

Turbobit is simply a website that offers you a secure platform to upload, download, manage, and share your files. In addition to storing and sharing your files, you can also download files from other users using the links shared on the website.

Like most file hosting platforms, joining this website is free. However, free account holders can only access limited services. These restrictions can be extremely inconvenient, especially if you are dealing with large, heavy files frequently. Considering this, you should upgrade to a Turbobit premium account to access extra services.

Background Information

Turbobit has its headquarters in the United States. Moreover, the company has been in business for over 10 years, with no signs of closing shop. The fact that it has been active for so long only confirms that Turbobit is a reliable company worth checking out.

User Interface

Turbobit has an amazing web design. The website has a professional look, which further enhances the credibility of this platform.

One remarkable element about the Turbobit website is that it has a user-friendly interface. In fact, you do not need any professional computer skills to use this site. Moreover, you can upload files to this platform without even registering. However, guest users are limited to slower upload and download speeds, hence it is imperative to sign up to a free or a Turbobit premium account to enjoy faster speeds.

Another notable feature is that the website is easily navigable, given that all the menu options are well arranged. This makes it easier for users to browse available options and upload or download files seamlessly.

What’s more is that the site is available in multiple languages, including English, Deutsch, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Japanese. The availability of these languages makes it easy for anyone to operate the website in a dialect that they can understand.

Getting Started with Turbobit

Signing up with Turbobit is free. You do not have to pay a dime to become a registered user. You only need to provide your email address and create a password. You also need to check the reCAPTCHA box to confirm that you are not a bot.

Nevertheless, even though Turbobit is free to join, you can only access very few services. With this in mind, it is prudent that you upgrade to Turbobit premium to access unlimited features.

How Turbobit Works

Turbobit works just like any other file hosting platform. The platform allows you to upload, manage, and store your files in Turbobit data centers located in various locations around the world. In addition, you may access your files from anywhere using an internet-enabled device such as a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Like most cloud storage platforms, Turbobit offers its members three different ways to upload files and documents. These include:

Browser upload

True to its name, browser upload is an option that allows you to transfer files directly using your browser. All you have to do is to drag and drop your files in the space provided or choose the files you want to upload from your PC by click on the “select file” button. Conspicuously, you do not have to be a registered Turbobit user to utilize this option. Moreover, it is the easiest way of downloading small files and documents.

FTP upload

Unlike browser upload, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) upload is only available to registered members. Moreover, it is rather complicated given that it requires you to have some knowledge in computing to upload files.

To use this method, you have to install a special program known as an FTP client on your computer and select an FTP server where you will store your files. The server you choose should preferably be the one with the lowest load to allow you to transfer files effortlessly. As complex as this option may seem, FTP upload is the fastest and ideal for uploading heavy files.

URL upload

URL upload or remote upload is another method that allows you to upload your files and documents using a remote computer apart from the localhost. In essence, you have to create a link to the precise location of your file from a remote computer. URL upload is ideal in case your internet connection is very slow.

Is Turbobit safe?

In terms of security, Turbobit is one of the safest file hosting platforms available today. The platform employs some of the latest security mechanisms, including SSL encryption to ensure that your files and documents are safe from hackers.

Members are also encouraged to take safety precautions like using strong passwords and changing credentials regularly, to secure their accounts.

Moreover, it is essential to note that Turbobit are very strict when it comes to uploading certain types of files. Essentially, you cannot upload any file that portrays violence, nudity, and hate speech content.

Turbobit Free Account

As mentioned before, Turbobit is free to join. However, like any other free subscription, non-paying members have to settle for limited services. Some of the restriction you are likely to face include:

  • Slow download speeds
  • Insufficient storage space
  • No parallel downloads
  • Annoying advertisements

In addition, you have to wait for 20 seconds before you can initiate any downloads. As if that is not enough, this membership plan does not support download resume meaning that you may have to restart the process all over again in case you have connection problems or broken links.

Considering all these shortcomings, it is only sensible that you upgrade your membership to Turbobit premium.

Turbobit Premium Benefits

turbobit premium benefits

Turbobit premium is a paid subscription that unlocks a world of new features and services. This membership plan is ideal for businesses and individual users who often handle and transfer large files frequently between departments and associates.

Some of the premium features include:

Maximum download speeds

turbobit premium speed

Unlike turbobit free membership that normally experiences slows speeds, Turbobit premium offers maximum upload and download speeds. Moreover, this membership plan supports various download accelerators for maximum efficiency.

One-click uploads

Turbobit allows you to upload your files in one click using your phone, tablet, or computer. You simply have to drag and drop the files you want to upload on the Turbobit homepage.

Unlimited storage space

With Turbobit premium, you do not have to worry about storage space. You can upload, store, and share files up to 100 GB in size daily. This makes Turbobit ideal for entities that prefer cloud storage system for their daily file hosting needs.

Prompt support service

Turbobit offers excellent support services to all its members. However, premium members enjoy priority support. In effect, you may contact the support team via several methods, including live chat, support tickets, and emails.

No waiting times

With free membership, you have to wait for 20 seconds before you can initiate a download process. In addition, you have to enter a Captcha code before you can start any download. However, this is not the case with Turbobit premium. Essentially, you can start your downloads right away without waiting any longer or entering any Captcha codes.

Zero adverts

Free members have to contend with annoying adverts every few seconds when either uploading or downloading files. The opposite is true with a premium membership. Premium users enjoy advert-free uploads and downloads.

Parallel downloads

Apart from the fast download speeds, you can download multiple files at the same time, thus saving on time.

Download resume

Turbobit Premium support download resume. This means that you can resume your downloads at any time in case your connection becomes unstable for whatever reason.

Reasonable price plans

turbobit price

Turbobit is cheaper and affordable than what most people think. In fact, you can pay for a week, a month, 6 months, or even 2 years, depending on your preferences and budget. If you consider these price offerings, then upgrading to Turbobit premium is certainly worth it. Here are Turbobit premium plans.

1 week30 Days120 Days365 Days2 Years
$ 5.95$ 9.95$ 34.95$ 59.95$89.95

Bottom line: Is Turbobit Premium Worth Joining?

If your job involves managing several files every day, then joining a cloud storage platform like Turbobit is a viable option. Turbobit will allow you to upload, manage, and share your files without using physical storage devices. Nevertheless, while signing up is free, it is prudent that you upgrade to Turbobit premium to enjoy exceptional file hosting services.

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