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1fichier.com: About the site

  1. 1fichier is a cloud storage service that allows you to upload, share and store your files.
  2. Data centres located in France and the Netherlands
  3. The platform’s interface is easy to use and fairly straightforward
  4. The site has two processing modes: Automatic and manual
  5. For the automatic, the server processes your files automatically, and allows the download process, five minutes after the last modification time.
  6. In manual processing, once you’ve sent your files, you are required to click Process files button – which only appears when the mode is selected
  7. Its storage space is unlimited, and it has fascinating features that make it one of the best storage services.
  8. You can use it as your Content Delivery Network to share your professional files.
  9. The site keeps files safely on a Redundant Array of Independent Disks system, which has many spare spaces.
  10. Its unlimited storage space in the top-tier plan is divided between hot and cold storage.
  11. 1fichier encourages and supports the use of FTP for file transfer – which is useful when you want to transfer your files to your account.
  12. FTP also allows 1fichier to resume interrupted file uploads.
  13. Members can upload files remotely
  14. 1fichier can turn a shared file into an inline file, meaning the browser will display and stream a file without having to download it first.
  15. You can preview all types of media files without having to download them.
  16. It has notable privacy and security features, e.g. all transfers are executed through encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) channels. For added security, 1fichier Premium features two-factor authentication – in fact, it offers two types of two-factor authentication.
  17. You can use a password to access statistics, protect the selected file, define its access controls, convert it into an inline file, and more.
  18. Unless you publish download links it generates, they will always remain private.
  19. The URLs generated are obfuscated and unique enough to ensure no one can discover them accidentally.
  20. 1fichier has no smartphone or desktop apps, so you’ll need a PC
  21. Doesn’t support end-to-end encryption
  22. 1fichier allows you to create folders, then drag-and-drop files inside them – you can check your storage statistics as well.
  23. It provides you with many access controls over your files, e.g., you can restrict access to your files by users from certain countries. Alternatively, you can restrict particular IP addresses.
  24. The best part is that the site supports Bitcoin, Paysafe card, bank transfer, among other payment methods

1fichier.com: Premium Account Benefits

1fichier premium download
  1. Cold storage to a maximum of 100TB
  2. Unlimited hot storage
  3. 100GB of CDN credits every month
  4. No advertisements
  5. Unlimited shares
  6. Folder shares
  7. No captcha
  8. Unlimited speed
  9. Concurrent downloads
  10. Resumed downloads
  11. Access statistics
  12. IP authentication
  13. You get to access premium networks
  14. You get to enjoy a wide range of security features
  15. Up to 100GB/file

1fichier.com: Premium Prices

1fichier price
  1. 1fichier has one of the most reasonable premium offers in the market today.
  2. The Premium plan costs €3 per month (or €100/10 years, or €60 for five years or €15 for one year).
  3. This plan provides unlimited storage, and you’ll be given 100 GB CDN credits monthly – particularly, a premium account provides unlimited hot storage capacity and 2 TB of cold storage.
  4. You can purchase additional cold storage at €2 per TB per month. 
  5. CDN offers the best price per quality at €0,005 per GB
  6. You can buy 1000 GB at €10, 2000 GB at €20, 3000GB at €30, and 40,000 GB at €200.

1fichier.com: How to Earn money

  1. You can earn some extra cash on the site through 1fichier’s affiliate program.
  2. Notably, each time your prospects transact, you’ll receive a commission of up to 50-percent.
  3. On future valid re-bills, you’ll receive a commission of up to 40-percent.
  4. To enjoy these commissions, the site will send a one-year cookie on the prospect’s browser. Once the prospect registers, he/she will become your affiliate.
  5. You can only withdraw once a month through Bank Transfer or Bitcoins
  6. The minimum withdrawal limit is 50 €. This means you will have to attract more members to be able to make any withdrawal request.
  7. The amount you receive will be net of settlement fees and taxes (VAT).
  8. The Valid Rebills that provide 40 percent (or 20 percent) commissions are those whose transactions were made seven days after the original purchase (for CDN credits, Vouchers), or after the subscription expires (for Premium offers, Access).
  9. You are required to add affiliate number in every files link manually
  10. All transactions are completed within 10 days
  11. Interestingly, you can also buy and resell vouchers to make cash.
  12. If you buy five vouchers, 1fichier will give you a 20 percent discount.
  13. Moreover, for every five you buy, you will be given one voucher for free.
  14. By re-selling 6 by 1-year premium vouchers, the least you can earn is 30 €.

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